people demanding info smh, none of your buisness sorry

What's your deal with the Queen? Which Queen is it you're talking about exactly? Just out of curiosity.

Queen of England



Me too guys, me too.


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"Don’t worry, Drew! I’ve got you!"


Some Taillow therapy drawings <3

got a fucking headache ughh, I’ll hop off to bed a bit earlier

goodnight everyone


I don’t have a cyndaquil yet but wanted to draw them hhhehehh


A team that I think Latiox would have! Chris [Latiox] is super cute / sweet so he has a sylveon because he likes cuddly and pink stuff in secret, also he loves his starter Pokemon, his female fennekin named Fokko! He feeds fokko twigs between battles, fokko isn’t allowed to battle since Chris considers him to be his baby Pokemon and doesn’t want her to get hurt :’) But Chris has other kickass beasts in battle, he rules the Pokemon terrains with his dragon types, latias, latios, mega-ampharos, and salamence. Sylveon is his secret weapon. :’) He is from the Kalos region, his goal is to become a dragon-type gym leader where he sweeps trainers from all around with his mighty Eon duo.